Homeless |無家


Homeless | 無家

Documentary Photography, Public Art, 2011


There’s an intuition planted in my body, neither I do not belonged to any where, nor anywhere belonged to me. I seek, wander among cities, ultimately found out I am homeless still.

One day, along a road I walk, and I find this free parking space, just a single bed size. The second day, I came back with 3 pillows, 3 alarm clocks and 3 bed sheets, and placed on the free parking areas.

Now, things changed what its exiting notions. A free public parking area turns to a private bed. A homeless man owned his land, his bed, and his sky.



然後一切都改變了。一個免費的公共泊車位變成了一張私人的床位。 一個無家可歸的人擁有了屬於他的一塊土地一個床位和一片天空。